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I am because we are

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Approximately 3 x 2 m

X-Rays from many people, transparent thread, colored filters

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The installation Ubuntu. I am because we are embodies the homonymous sub-Saharan concept, according to which the individual is a created and creative part of a single great totality of human beings and Nature: we reach our individuality by sharing ourselves with others and taking care of our surroundings.


The installation comes from an act of sharing and self-giving: it is made of organic shapes taken from the manipulation of X-rays, donated by the many people who answered a public call. X-rays are the trace of the uniqueness of each, but they also highlight the absolute equality that makes us parts of a single great organism. These traces of different lives are connected by almost invisible but solid ties, representing the connections that bind us together. The flow of X-rays is interspersed with colorful organic shapes, referring with the vital colors that invade Nature of which we are part.


Ubuntu. I am because we are appears as a big organism floating in the space above us, to call us to the indissoluble union that binds every human being to the other, and thus to Nature. It represents the great human community, expressed in one dimension fluid, organic and changeable, but at the same time compact and strong, open to continuous integrations and meetings that enrich and increase it.


Ubuntu capsule

p1010477 copia 2.jpeg

17 wall sculpltures


Approximately 30x30 cm cad. 

Recycled styrofoam, acrylic and vinyl colors

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SIPHONOPHORAE is composed of a multiplicity of aggregates that recall a natural organic dimension in shapes and colors. The artworks are distributed in space in a continuous game of references, to generate in the visual field a single great artwork, which alludes the homonymous marine superorganism.

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